Meet Our Team

Our mental health practice is committed to offering empathetic counseling services to our clients. We
recognize that everyone embarks on a distinct personal journey, and our aim is to establish a secure and
non-judgmental environment for all clients. Our team of therapists are dedicated to delivering gender-
affirming care, guaranteeing that every client feels valued and upheld in their unique identity.


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Our Mission

At New Perceptions Counseling, we empower individuals through compassionate counseling, fostering healing, resilience, and new perspectives for personal growth.

Our Vision

We aspire to lead in mental health and wellness, innovating to destigmatize and broaden access to support for happier, more fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Accountability, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, Curiosity, Diversity, Integrity, Inclusion, Passion, Trust, Customer Commitment

Our Team


Whether you’re curious about therapy methods, a consultation session, or even our counseling approach, we’re here to address any inquiries you may have.